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Muscular and Skeletal

Improves skin condition, colour and tone


Encourages cell regeneration


Increases the body's natural oils

Skin becomes more supple


Helps remove top layer of dead cells


Healthier appearance

Enhances self-image and self-worth


Reduces sense of isolation


Decreases negative feelings

Eases stress levels


Improves mood


Generates confidence

Reduces feelings of anxiety


Promotes better sleep patterns


Revitalises your mind

Increased flexibility


Removal of waste products (i.e. Lactic Acid)


Increases blood flow

Respiratory and Lymphatic

Boosts immunity


Encourages deep breathing


Helps the production of antibodies to help fight infection

Helps release tension


Breaks down adhesions and knots


Decreases headaches and migraines

Improves posture


Improves mobility


Improves body alignment

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