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Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage within the workplace helps to ease stress, boost staff morale, reward employee performance  and takes care of the employees within your company.


Tight Neck Muscles, Poor Posture, Strained Wrists and Back Pain are common issues which can lead to stress related problems and in turn cause fatigue and possible absenteeism amongst your staff.


When providing Corporate Massage, the client sits in a specially designed massage chair for maximum comfort which will be set up within a private meeting room or quiet area.


No oils/creams are used during the treatment and the client remains fully clothed throughout. Treatments normally last between 20-30 minutes per client.


My recommendation would be once a month I visit your workplace to provide your staff with massages. I have a minimum booking for two hours and prices are based on the length of massages and number of people for that day.


Contact me for further details to discuss your company's needs and to help make the most of your time.




20 - 30 MINS

Prices based on number of clients per day

Corporate Massage

Corporate detail

"The greatest wealth is health" ~ Virgil

Shows staff that their employer cares about their well-being


Stress levels are reduced, relaxes muscles, releases tension


Improves concentration levels


Staff morale and productivity Increases


Positive energy amongst the workplace


Leaves staff feeling relaxed, revitalised and energised


Can help reduce the causes of RSI (repetitive strain injuries)


Can reduces Absences and Health Care costs






The benefits of Corporate Massage



Please note

There is an additonal £5 charge

for first time appointments to

cover consultation and aftercare.


Cancellation notice

If you fail to attend your

appointment or cancel within 24 hours you will still be charged for your appointment.