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Warm Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage is a variation on Deep Tissue and Hot Stone Massage. Using heated warm bamboo sticks; this treatment is great for working deeper into tight muscles with the added help of the heat to help soothe.


Techniques include rolling, kneading, pivot and gliding to really stretch out the build of up tension within muscles.


The sticks are heated up in a thermal bag and steam pressed to ensure they are smooth. The sticks vary in size so that they can be used to work effectively on different areas of the body.


The sticks are used with a massage oil to allow the bamboo to glide over the skin.


This treatment is great for clients who are sporty and/or those who suffer with tight muscles who prefer a deeper type of massage.


Warm Bamboo can help to enhance soft tissue healing, increase muscle tone and remove toxins.




Warm Bamboo detail






Please note

There is an additonal £5 charge

for first time appointments to

cover consultation and aftercare.


Cancellation notice

If you fail to attend your

appointment or cancel within 24 hours you will still be charged for your appointment.